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Kestrel Insights (KI) offers better data through accurate, automated geofencing delivery.

Our easy-to-use geofencing technology is for anyone who wants better tracking insights—including other SaaS platforms looking for third-party data.

Capitalize on Automated Geofence Data

Why reinvent the wheel? Save time and money with a turn-key global data lake.

We offer the latest geofencing data sets and are building the largest data lake of location information for logistics companies in the world.

Your company wants to offer geofencing solutions, and we offer the data to do just that. Our data is ready to integrate with third-party platforms for a more robust offering.

You want to provide the very best solutions for your customers. KI can help.
Traditional Geofencing
Kestrel Insights Geofencing

Precise. Automated. Robust.

Traditional geofencing is wildly inaccurate. Your customers deserve better.

Today’s data-driven world requires more than arbitrary circular geofences. Moreover, manually drawing geofences is too expensive and profoundly inefficient.

Anywhere Means ANYWHERE

As a global data provider, KI operates all over the world.

When we say anywhere, we mean ANYWHERE. Our geofencing solutions cover a wide range of locations along the entire supply chain, including:

The Difference-Maker

With KI on board, your users will immediately benefit.

Accurate data –> more precise analytics

Robust data lake –> wider visibility

Automated access –> faster decisions