Kestrel Insights and Project44: A Perfect Match for Advanced Geofencing


Kestrel Insights now supports automated polygons directly to the Project44 API & Project44 user interface. What does this entail? It means that while you’re asleep, KI data is diligently updating your geofences to ensure they are as current as possible. Just upload a location or address to your Project44 tenant, and Kestrel handles the rest.

Kestrel Insights’ latest integration with Project44 represents a shared commitment to innovation, precision, and automation. By leveraging Project44’s robust and open APIs, Kestrel seamlessly delivers a new turnkey integration to all Project44 users. This integration underscores our dedication to leading-edge technology and highlights our focus on delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of freight and fleet users in the supply chain.

Integration Overview:

Transforming this:

Into this:

Ensuring you never have to rely on the inaccuracies of circular geofences and that you (or someone on your team) never has to manually draw a polygon again!

How Project44 Customers Gain Value and ROI:

  • Reduce manual labor -> The ROI is clear: Stop paying a fully burdened employee to draw geofences! The economies of scale just don’t justify it.
  • Improve accuracy -> No more false arrivals or departures. Build trustworthy backend data and unlock the ability to make strategic business decisions.
  • Maximize your SaaS investment -> ELD and telematic platforms are costly. The saying “outputs are only as good as your inputs” is especially relevant in telematics. We know KI is an additional investment, but the immediate ROI and lasting benefits are easily achievable. Let us demonstrate how!
  • Achieve extensive coverage -> Automation allows KI to support hundreds of thousands of location requests, creating precise polygons that would take years to draw manually. Don’t worry, KI also has pricing plans that work for smaller customers.


I already have a visibility solution; are you replacing it?

Not at all. We’ve built integrations with leading visibility platforms like Project44, enabling you to access our automated polygon geofencing data within your existing tech stack. Your team continues as usual — but with added benefits of advanced geofencing.

Why should I invest in polygons?

Without a polygon geofencing strategy, you expose your company to numerous issues: false arrivals, inaccurate backend data, and unreliable triggers/workflows, to name a few.

I’m too small of a company.

That’s not true. Kestrel offers flexible pricing plans for companies of all sizes. Every company, big or small, can benefit from polygon geofences.

Why now?

There’s no better time than now. The longer you wait, the more time you lose in establishing a foundation that will become a key part of your fleet and freight operations.

How easy is it to set up? Is it turnkey?

It is absolutely turnkey! Don’t burden your team with API calls, data formatting, or KML files. Leave that to us and focus on what you do best — managing fleets and freight.

About Project44:

Project44 is on a mission to make supply chains work. Movement by Project44, the only High-Velocity Supply Chain Platform, enables shippers, LSPs and carriers across the globe to reduce costs, optimize operations, deliver an exceptional customer experience and drive greater resiliency and sustainability. Having built the industry’s largest and most connected ecosystem, Project44 provides visibility into over 1 billion shipments annually for over 1,300 of the world’s leading brands within manufacturing, automotive, retail, life sciences, food & beverage, CPG, and oil, chemical & gas.

What’s Next?

Kestrel always keeps innovation at the forefront of our vision and roadmap. The KI product team aims daily to bring you the latest advancements from both our product offerings and the Project44 API. Rest assured, we remain focused on leveraging geofencing data to the fullest and maximizing all opportunities for improvement.


You can now integrate Kestrel Insights’ automated polygon geofences into your Project44 user interface. Forget about circles, flat files, data formatting, or KML files. Simply connect KI’s solutions to your existing Project44 instance and unlock the power of advanced polygon geofencing for your supply chain operations.

At Kestrel Insights, our mission is to make our geofencing solutions available natively across all leading ELD, telematics, and track-and-trace platforms using open APIs. By embedding our solutions into Project44, we can offer the transformative power of modern geofencing to a vast audience of fleet management and supply chain professionals. We couldn’t be more excited to offer you this solution within the Project44 ecosystemI.

Get Started

This new integration is ready for you to explore — getting started is simple. Reach out to directly or book a demo with us at You can also find us on LinkedIn.