Reputations Matter

Modern brokerages deserve a better, more automated polygon geofencing solution - directly in their visibility software

Automated Polygon Geofences for EVERY Load.

Accurate communication and trust are the lifeblood of brokerages, so why risk it with inaccurate circular geofences?

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Reduced Risk

Replace check-calls with auto-arrival notifications, leaving no room for error

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Maximized ROI

Visibility platforms are expensive - get the most out of them and maximize your investment

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Maintain Trust

Harness confidence in your data & in your communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already using P44 or Fourkites, does Kestrel Insights replace them?

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Is there a technical lift to implement?

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Will it give me insight into my carriers performance?

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Revolutionize your location-based tracking with Kestrel Insights' automated geofencing technology. Say goodbye to manual efforts as our advanced solution provides precise boundaries effortlessly. Experience access to the most accurate data, transforming your applications with automation.

Embrace the efficiency of automated geofencing and unlock scalability you didn't know was possible.

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Polygon geofences excel in mimicking real-world geography by closely mirroring actual physical boundaries such as buildings, streets, or property lines. Stop relying on inaccurate circles.

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Better Data.

Unlock the power of consistency with our cutting-edge geofencing technology. Data standardization isn't just a necessity, it's our lifeblood.

Say goodbye to compatibility woes and hello to a world where your geofencing data speaks the same language across ALL platforms in the supply chain.


In a data-driven landscape, pre-built geofencing integrations lighten the technical load. Integrations with telematics & visibility platforms provide you with insights without the need for a tech-heavy approach.

It's about getting the information you need – without drowning in the technical nitty-gritty.