An Even More Connected Fleet.

Realize your untapped potential with automated polygon geofencing – direct to your existing telematics

Automated Polygon Geofencing Built for Modern Fleets

Because it's not just about points "A" and "B" for fleets, it's everything in between.

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Reduced Risk

Know exactly where your fleets are, down to the foot. No more circles, no more false flags.

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Maximized ROI

Unlock next level telematics and get the most out of your fleet management software.

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Enhanced Reporting

Instill confidence and reliability into your data and reporting, turning your data into action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I submit a location you don't have, will I get a geofence?

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How does Kestrel Insights work? 

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Does Kestrel replace our current telematics provider?

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Can geofences help my company with "Risk Zones"

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How does Kestrel integrate with my existing tech stack?

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TLDR: Submit an address; get a geofence.

Revolutionize your location-based tracking with Kestrel Insights' automated geofencing technology. Say goodbye to manual efforts as our advanced solution provides precise boundaries effortlessly. Experience access to the most accurate data, transforming your applications with automation.

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TLDR: Any Location; No Circles

Tap into the industry's most robust database of geofences, while also gaining access to a powerful automated polygon geofencing solution. Polygon geofences excel in mimicking real-world geography by closely mirroring actual physical boundaries such as buildings, streets, or property lines. Stop relying on inaccurate circles.


TLDR: Turnkey integrations or open API’s

Pre-built geofencing integrations lighten the technical load. Tech savvy or developer? Leverage KI’s available API’s to build your own custom solution.

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Better Data.

TLDR: Better Inputs = Improved Outputs

Make business decisions that are supported by accurate data. Unlock the power of consistency and reliable data with a geofencing single source of truth. Say goodbye to inaccurate geofencing and hello to data that speaks and reports consistently across ALL platforms in the supply chain.