Get the ROI You Deserve from Investments in Supply Chain Technology

Investments in technology don’t always deliver the return that organizations expect. That’s just as true across the supply chain, logistics, and transportation landscape as it is in other industries. This week’s exploration of the headlines includes details on the disconnect between tech expectations and results, how to manage this new era of supply chain disruption, the important role data plays in operations, plus more.

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Closing the Gap Between Tech Expectations and Results

While investment in location intelligence tools is surging, there remains a huge gap between expectations and results in supply chain technology. More than two-thirds of respondents to PwC’s 2024 Digital Trends in Operations Survey cited at least one reason why tech investments failed to deliver the expected results, and many selected two or more reasons. As you seek out location intelligence technology or any technology to power supply chain and logistics operations, it’s important to identify technologies that offer a demonstrated track record of solving real-world problems for users.

At Kestrel Insights, our automated polygon geofencing generates the data that carriers, brokers, and fleets need for location intelligence. With location intelligence in place, businesses can unlock a series of benefits, including better customer experiences, enhanced loyalty, and greater profitability.

Thriving in the New Era of Supply Chain Disruption

Why is location intelligence so important to companies operating in the supply and logistics industry? Because we’re entering a new era of disruption that will require new tools and data sources if organizations want to thrive.

Tech Brew writes that data and technology can help mitigate supply chain crises, and IndustryWeek notes that better data is required to reduce supply chain risk. The bottom line is that technology is going to play a pivotal role in next-generation supply chain management. As noted above, organizations must identify technologies that can help them solve real-world problems if they want to grow and develop a competitive advantage in the next generation. Geofencing for visibility, fleet management, and other applications should be part of any organization’s next-gen tech stack.

Data is the Key to Supply Chain Sustainability

Data for data’s sake won’t help any supply chain organization. However, there are focused areas where data can be applied to make progress toward goals, including increasing supply chain sustainability. Data can help an organization develop a more traceable and transparent supply chain, which is helpful for establishing visibility but also for tracking and offsetting emissions.

The Increasing Importance of Location Intelligence

As location intelligence becomes increasingly important to organizations across different industries, the geofencing market is poised for significant growth. Geofencing is one of the most effective tools for generating the location intelligence that companies today so desperately need.

It’s important to remember that not all geofencing is created equal. You can choose traditional geofencing and manually generated geofences that often lack accuracy and can be time-consuming to create. Or you can opt for automated polygon geofencing, which requires little manual intervention while delivering precision. With automated polygon geofencing in place, your organization gains access to the data that is so essential to establishing real location intelligence.

Technology and Data Will Power the Future of Supply Chain Ops

Location intelligence and visibility have become essential to effective fleet management. Fleet managers can use location intelligence tools like geofencing for various applications, including real-time tracking, safety notifications, communication with drivers, automating time stamps, managing truck parking, and more. As noted above, the future of supply chain and transportation operations will be powered by modern technology and data, and automated polygon geofencing can help generate the data that organizations need.

Add Location Intelligence to Your Tech Stack

It’s now easy to add automated polygon geofencing (and the location intelligence it provides) to your existing tools. At Kestrel Insights, our advanced geofencing is available on platforms like Samsara and Motive. When you add our geofencing to your tech stack, you can generate real-time data that has many applications for organizations operating in the supply chain, logistics, and transportation space.

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