Who We Serve:

Freight Professionals

Dedicated to Logistics. Designed for Anyone.

Kestrel Insights (KI) was created for product managers, freight managers, freight forwarders, trucking company operators, and more. Our geofencing solutions are easily used by freight professionals, regardless of background and training.

Stop Wasting Time And Flying Blind

Discover solutions that empower informed decision making and improve your margins.

Our clients are driven and know how to manage their business. We understand you need visibility into your operations so you can be in control of your assets. However, your approach to management has been forever changed by technology. How can you compete without being powered by the right data?

Here at KI, we provide complete data solutions to meet your needs and eliminate the headaches. Our team is dedicated to helping logistics companies thrive with access to the latest geofencing technology.

Teams need accurate mapping for improved visibility. We can help.

Your Performance is Our Top Priority

A one-size-fits-all solution is wildly inaccurate and simply won’t cut it in today’s data-driven world.

Businesses find greater success when they are not misled by inaccurate circular geofences. Most notably, our partners avoid costly inefficiencies related to manually drawing polygons.

With KI, teams have access to precise boundary maps, providing logistics analytics faster than ever before. We help companies track their most important KPIs:

Anywhere Means ANYWHERE

As a global data provider, KI is helping logistics companies all over the world.

When we say anywhere, we mean ANYWHERE. Our geofencing solutions cover a wide range of locations along the supply chain route, including:

Our database stands alone, independent from the need for shared resources.

If we don’t have a location you want to use, we will get it. We are building the largest data lake available to support supply chain management, logistics and innovation. Our experience is global. And as a partner with KI, your knowledge is now global.

Your Trusted Industry Partner

Are you building a better product for a brighter tomorrow? We want to help!

Carriers, brokers, telematics providers, tracking companies and more—we are here to bring clarity to the route. Freight professionals need products that improve visibility and reduce unnecessary expenses caused by data gaps.

Big or small, your company could benefit from more accurate geofencing and less busywork. If you think you would benefit from a data partner like KI, reach out today.