REPOWR x Kestrel Insights

Let’s be honest we all know trailers are critical. They are obvious infrastructure for keeping commerce moving. But, a big challenge remains: trailers often sit unused. They gather dust instead of profits. 

It’s here where REPOWR’s unique solution is resonating with many across the industry. More than just a platform, REPOWR is a revolution, breathing life into idle trailers by turning them into dynamic assets that generate revenue. It's a digital lifeline for asset-light carriers, offering immediate access to a wide array of trailers, ensuring they're always on the move — a key to maximizing earnings and efficiency.

Kestrel's data-driven polygon geofencing tech and REPOWR's future partnership goes beyond tracking trailers. It will change how the logistics industry sees underutilized asset management. This collaboration will be more than a tech upgrade. It's a commitment to making logistics better.

The Cost of Underutilized Trailers

Consider a trailer sitting idle in a yard. It's not just a static object; it's a missed opportunity that can cost anywhere from $50-$140 per load. In a real-life example, the USPS spent $472,744 per month on idle trailers. This was from January 2019 through March 2020. Why does this matter? It shows us that each day a trailer sits unused it incurs costs. These costs include depreciation, insurance, and maintenance. These factors apply even though the trailer makes no money. These costs add up, creating a sizable financial burden. 

Impact on Efficiency and Profitability

Up to  20% of current trailers sit idle at any given time. The ripple effect goes beyond direct financial loss – it hampers operational efficiency, too. Logistics is a domain where resource allocation is key. When trailers sit unused, it shows a mismatch between resources and deployment. This waste can cause late shipments, a scramble for trailers and unhappy customers. It's a chain reaction. Underuse causes bottlenecks. They hurt the service's profits and reliability.

Introducing REPOWR: Revolutionizing Trailer Utilization

Now, let’s look closer at REPOWR. We'll see how it’s revolutionizing logistics. We'll also see how it’s changing trailer usage and availability industry-wide.

The REPOWR Network

At its core, REPOWR is a platform. Idle trailers, once liabilities, become valuable assets. This transformation happens through a simple yet powerful concept: sharing. Owners of trailers can list their idle trailers on REPOWR. This makes them available to those who need them. For owner-operators and small carriers, this means access to more types of trailers. They can get this access without the burden of owning or leasing for a long time. It’s a win-win. Owners earn from assets that would otherwise sit unused. Renters gain flexibility and cut costs. It's a network that improves trailer use. It also builds community and collaboration.

Digitalizing the Trailer Industry

REPOWR isn't just a network; it's a digital revolution in the traditional trailer leasing and ownership model. The old way of doing things often meant long-term commitments, significant upfront costs, and a lack of flexibility. REPOWR changes the game by introducing an on-demand, digital approach. With just a few taps or clicks, carriers can find and book the trailers they need when they need them. This digital model brings unprecedented agility to logistics operations. It caters to the modern demand for speed and efficiency, allowing businesses to scale up or down quickly in response to market conditions. 

The Role of Kestrel Insights in Enhancing Asset Visibility

Kestrel Insights' automated polygon geofencing brings a new level of precision to logistics. But when integrated with REPOWR's platform, its advantages and true potential become even more evident. 

The Advantages of Polygon Geofencing

A centralized, automated polygon geofencing database is at the heart of Kestrel's software –bolstering a major improvement from traditional circular geofences. Polygon precision allows for more accurate, real-time tracking of trailers. It also gives confidence in reporting on asset locations. Unlike traditional circular geofencing, which often approximates an area, polygon geofencing fits the exact geography. This advantage lets businesses track their assets with greater confidence. 

A Partnership Driving Efficiency

Integrating Kestrel’s polygon geofencing with REPOWR's platform brings clarity and focus to asset management. This synergy enhances REPOWR's capability to offer more accurate and timely information about trailer availability and location. For users of the REPOWR platform, this translates into a streamlined experience in locating and booking trailers. It's not just about knowing a trailer is available; it's about knowing exactly where it is and when it will be available. This heightened level of detail drives efficiency in logistics operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing utilization. It's a partnership that doesn't just add a feature to an existing platform but elevates the entire experience, making the logistics process smoother, faster, and more reliable.

Improving Asset Location Tracking

Kestrel's polygon geofencing is accurate and precise. It enables more accurate tracking of trailers minimizing the guesswork and uncertainty of asset management. Companies can now find the exact location of their assets leading to faster turnarounds and increased usage. 

Potential Use Cases  

Imagine a scenario where a logistics company faces the challenge of managing a fleet of trailers across multiple locations. Before the REPOWR-Kestrel partnership, this task was littered with inefficiencies, with trailers often sitting idle or underutilized due to imprecise tracking and coordination. Soon, with advanced tracking capabilities provided by polygon geofencing, the company will be able to accurately monitor the location and usage of each trailer. The result could be a dramatic reduction in idle time and a significant increase in operational efficiency. 

In another instance, picture a logistics provider needing to quickly allocate trailers for urgent deliveries. Integrating Kestrel’s technology with REPOWR's platform allows for real-time visibility and efficient allocation, turning potential logistical nightmares into smooth operations.  

Charting a New Course in Logistics with REPOWR and Kestrel

Through the application of polygon geofencing, the alliance between REPOWR and Kestrel Insights is bringing a solution to the persistent challenge of trailer underutilization. Not only will this technology enhance the precision of asset tracking, but it also significantly boosts operational efficiency.

Looking ahead, the potential for REPOWR and Kestrel Insights is exciting. As they continue to refine and expand their technologies, we can expect even more robust and intuitive solutions, further empowering the logistics industry. It’s a partnership poised to set new benchmarks in asset management, offering insights that could redefine how logistics operates globally.

However, the impact of this technology extends beyond logistics, signaling a shift towards smarter, more connected supply chains. By addressing the critical issue of underutilization, REPOWR and Kestrel are solving a logistical problem and, at the same time, paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable future.