New to Kestrel Insights: Latitude-Longitude Geofence Creation

We’ve just released innovative new functionalities that enhance our geofencing data offering. One of these is the ability to create custom polygon geofences by sending latitude and longitude coordinates via API and bulk submission. Leveraging latitude-longitude coordinates allows users to reverse geocode and automate geofence creation without a known physical address.

These new functionalities are now available at no additional cost within Kestrel Insights and through any platform that’s integrated with Kestrel Insights, including Samsara, Motive, and others. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of enhanced geocoding and the use of latitude and longitude to create custom polygon geofences. Contact us if you’d like to discuss using these new functionalities to achieve greater location intelligence for your organization.

The Benefits of Creating Polygon Geofences With Latitude and Longitude

The ability to source polygon geofences by sending latitude and longitude coordinates via API opens up a range of new possibilities for Kestrel Insights users:

  • Accurate results: Not all locations on Earth are well supported by addresses. Locations like mines, drilling sites, etc., often flounder when trying to assign a physical address via online mapping solutions. Supporting lat/long inputs allows us to unlock an additional level of accuracy and reliability within our data offering.  
  • Address Curation: Latitude and longitude coordinates for geofence creation can be especially helpful in curating addresses. No address? No problem, submitted coordinates that fall within a property's physical boundaries are matched, and you’ll receive both a polygon geofence, as well as a found address.
  • Global Coverage: Locations outside of the U.S. are easily formatted, unlocking the power of latitude and longitude to provide even greater coverage in the most remote regions of the globe.

Interested in submitting some lat/long coordinates, send an email to