5 Ways Automated Polygon Geofencing Can Help LogTech Providers Up Their Game

kestrel_5_ways_automated_polygon_geofencing_can_help_logtech_providers_up_their_gameIn today’s data-driven logistics world, your most valuable clients and customers deserve better than arbitrary circular boundaries that don’t accurately reflect delivery areas or notification zones. They also shouldn’t be expected to draw polygon geofences if they want improved accuracy, especially as other platforms are looking to entice customers with automation. Here is how automated geofences can help LogTech providers deliver the precision and accuracy that creates remarkable customer experiences.

  1. Eliminating Manually Drawn Geofences Saves Time & MoneyAutomated geofencing technology eliminates human error and manual processes. This helps ensure your users can put their drivers, employees, or other logistics personnel in a position for success—saving time and money in the process.
  2. Deliver Precision & AccuracyWith automated polygon geofencing technology, you will unlock automatic optimization, location and data maintenance, and incredibly accurate data points that ensure your boundaries are as precise as possible.
  3. Provides a More Seamless Customer ExperienceIntegrating automated polygon geofencing directly into your TMS, Telematics, or LogTech platform provides the speed and accuracy needed to build strong customer relationships and give customers a reason to choose you.
  4. Immense Data Lake Ensures Robust CoverageAccess to a nationwide geospatial data lake, designed specifically for transportation and logistics, allows users to retrieve geofencing data anywhere your supply chain takes you.
  5. Delivers Quick & Accurate NotificationsNotifying on-site staff the moment a truck or other vital assets arrive or depart a geofenced area saves everyone time and enables proper allocation of docks and other resources.,

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