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KI is your preferred geospatial platform.

Easy to integrate. Reliable access. Always up-to-date.

As data suppliers, scientists and engineers, we are building a better path forward:

We believe obtaining an accurate geofence for any location should be as easy as an online search.

Why Choose KI?

With our automated geofencing technology, we help logistics companies save money, improve efficiencies, and simplify data access. You choose the software, and we’ll supply the exact data you need.

See what automated geofencing will do for you.

Start saving. Start scaling.

We will define your geofence efficiency score and calculate your ROI with our geofence licensing options. Our team will provide a free assessment to show where we can fill in the gaps and improve your bottom line.

KI is your trusted data partner.

Your Trusted Industry Partner

Are you building a better product for a brighter tomorrow? We want to help!

From the start, we’ve been driven to educate our customers to become knowledgeable data managers. In doing so, we partner with SaaS providers to build the best logistics management products – powerful software depends on robust data.

Big or small, together our services will allow your customers to compete with improved visibility to enable better business decisions. If you think your product would benefit from an industry partner like KI, reach out and schedule a demo today.