Automated Geofencing. Robust Coverage.

Precision and access when it matters.

Automated geofencing provides exact boundaries for precise tracking without increasing busywork. Kestrel Insights (KI) provides access to the most accurate data faster than ever before. Learn about our process and how to get started today!

KI’s three-step process makes integration easier.

Submit Location Requests

Send us any location and we will provide the exact polygon geofence.

Seamless Data Delivery

Industry standard formatting (API or CSV) for easy integration.

Start Saving

Choose subscription pricing for continuous access to reliable data based upon your needs.

Is Geofencing Right for You?

You will know with your GES Score.

Start with an efficiency score to help you analyze your current data management processes.

With an efficiency assessment in hand, you will be able to look at the potential ROI with KI. You decide if KI is a better data resource for your business needs. Absolutely no strings attached or expectations if you don’t think automated geofencing could improve your product.

How Geofencing Works

Easier mapping with precise boundaries for better data.

We keep the process straightforward and simple so anyone can automate geofencing.

A geofence is a digital perimeter set up around a specific geographic location of your choice. When freight trucks and trailers pass through, information will be updated instantly. Geofencing provides clarity and transparency for logistics companies and their partners.

Traditional circular geofences are wildly inaccurate and misrepresent what’s actually happening on site.

Also, manually drawing every polygon geofence wastes precious time and money. Thankfully, there is a simpler way.