A virtual boundary anywhere on earth that is used to automate tracking. At Kestrel Insights we focus on logistics and supply chain nodes: shipper facilities, distribution centers, seaports, airports, railroad terminals, container terminals, border crossings, and more.

Kestrel Insights is a data company focused on delivering the highest level of trust and confidence avaialble to teams when it comes to their location data, and we’re doing it with automated geofences; the highest quality geofences for the logistics and transportation industries.

Yes! Point and radius geofences yield poor results, often yielding broken automation and faulty analytics. Don’t build products around faulty data or base important business deicsions on untrusted analytics.

Kestrel Insights covers global geospatial and geofencing data sets. 

Yes – Check out Kestrel Insights sample set here! If you want to sample custom addresses please submit them to data@kestrelinsights.com or reach out directly via website chat.

Our most common submissions are addresses. These work the best of domestic needs related to warehouses, distribution centers, rail terminals, etc. However, we also work with single latitude/longitude points as well as specific POI lists. All we need is something to distinguish what is needed, and we can make it work.

Our API data is delivered GeoJSON, with some of our bulk download sets avialbe in WKT and KML in addition to GeoJSON.

Pricing is based on volume, licensing needs, and desired 3rd party distribution.

Contact us today! 

Shipper facilities, distribution centers, airports, seaports, container terminals, border crossing, and more. Have a unique POI you need a geofence for? Reach out and ask if we cover it, or check out our sample data page. 

Kestrel database, you geofencing data will never become stagnant. Kestrel makes database updates with thousands of locations every single day.

Our most successful customers are typically logistics technology platforms, or large freight brokerages, because Kestrel is a data company, companies interested in working with Kestrel Insights will need a platform or tool to ingest the geofencing data.

Not quite, while traditional point radius geofences have served their purpose for years, they come with a fair share of limitations. Polygon geofences are making a wave and setting the new standard in geofencing, obscure shapes to match property and building shapes, increased accuracy, and the best part – with Kestrel Insights it’s possible to automate it.

Within inches! To see polygon geofences applied in a real world application, visit our sample data page.